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Your answers to frequently asked questions

Q: I have a rough floor. What is the best wheel under these circumstances?

A: Rough floors can be compensated for in two ways. Firstly, larger wheels will more easily travel over rough our uneven floor. Secondly, resilient tyre materials such as polyurethane or mold-on rubber will absorb shocks and flex with the flooring.

Q: How do I determine the load requirement of a castor?

A: Take the weight of the load to be carried and add the weight of the cart together. Take that measurement and depending on the configuration of the load divide it by the number of castors. So, on a rectangular load with four wheels, divide the weight by four. That will give you the minimum rated load capacity for each castor.

Q: I have an application for a castor and none of your standard products seem suitable. Can you still help me?

A: Castormart have built a solid reputation for designing specialist castors for any application. We are experts in application engineering and have 90 years of trade experience to back us up. So please contact us to discuss exactly what you require.

Q: I require castors for a hazardous pharmaceutical lab, where the spread of bacteria and microbes cannot be tolerated.

A: We can supply stainless steel and microbial resistant castors. In fact, we have supplied to the institutional and pharmaceutical sector for many years.

If you have any further questions call us on
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